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This page is pure waypoints for Half-life bots. Enjoy!!!


I added a new link. The link is to an upcoming mod, so if you want to, check it out.

Made three new waypoints! Sniperball, Sniperlife and Valley. Have fun.

Made two new waypoints today. One is a CTF map the other is a huted map. rooftop and otto_hunt are their names. So download them, if you want to.

I made a new waypoint for a TFC map named Debaser. Go download it, if you want to.

Hey, I haen't updated in a while, but that's because I had nothing to update. I have been trying to download Counter-strike for like a week now, and I still haven't finsihed. Guess I guys just have to be patient if you looking for cs waypoint. TFC waypoint, I gonna start working on them again. Maybe even a couple of Front Line waypoints, who knows.

Hey, I got a request today for all the maps in counter-strike. Guess I should start playing counter-stirke. I mean, I personally like TFC better, but I'll make the waypoint anyway. Give me some time though (56K trying to download counter-strike, not pretty).

I added a request form thing so you can request maps easier.

Redesigned site. Waypoint are all here. Enjoy.