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Waypoint D/L
Map D/L
I don't know... probably has it.
I went through hell trying to waypoint this map. Yes it is a sniper map, and no it isn't easy. In the end it turned out pretty good. This map was a request. Enjoy!
I have updated this map so that the bots can get across the bridge much more easily. Awesome waypoint.
There was a bug in the previous waypoint. I fixed the bug and now the bots run the level smoothley. The water does give them trouble though.
Four teams of hardcore snipers. Need I say more.
This map was extremely hard to waypoint. It took me hours. The reason for this was that the objective of the map, is hard for the bots to grasp. I got them to capture all the points, but I still need to work on it.
Good map for the bots. They run it really well. The snipers sometimes have action. There is alot of action on the bridge.
Great map that should be tried by everyone. Snipers are good, but get killed to easily. The bots capture the flag well.
Oh man! If you don't have this map yet, you aren't into TFC. This map is totally awesome. Must get.
This map has alot of fragging. Since this map (in my opinion) wasn't made right, the blue have a huge advantage over the red. Fun anyway.
You know this map. Its great, and there is nothing else to it.
This is a basic command point map. Damn, these kinds of maps are totally not made for bots. However, then manage to capture all the points.
This is a fairly large map, but the bots run it really well. The capture the flag, but they usually get fragged before they reach it. Enjoy!
Nice, but the bots have some serious trouble because they get killed. However, the bots will capture a point and not go back to it later, so bonus!
This is a nice little CTF map. The bots are great. Snipers even better. There in no reason not to try it out.
I love this map, because its the most fun you can have with 4 flags. Bots actually capture all the flags.
Nice map... really good sniping... couple of captures.
Uh ok.... well this is a map made especially for bots. This respawn is small, but a fun map anyway.
You all know this map. Hunted escapes, Bodyguards protect, and snipers kill. That simple, and that's exactly what the bots do.
Another map that you must have! This map is great for anyone playing with bots or without. Get it!
The 3rd chapter of the NML series. Awesome!!! Really fun to play with the bots.
Small sniper map. Impossible to not die because the snipers have perfect aim.
This is a really nice map designed specifically for bots by Pizzamonkey, a waypointer for the HPB_Bot. I say this map is a hell of alot better then his last map, enjoy! Oh yeah, it's a hunted style map.
Free for all. Almost impossible to Cap the flag because the bots will get you.
My fav map ever. This is just awesome. Snipers protect the key, and will kill you a couple of times. Nice!
This is one of those maps with thin walls, so the bots may get messed up. However, they capture just fine. You probably don't want to play this map with alot of bots, becuase it gets really crowded.
Like the title says, RUN!!! Thats all you do. Bots try to do the same, but usually get killed.
Another sniper map, what can I say. This map is a really weird sniper map though, so the bots will only snipe from the bottom.
Nice map. Really nice. Sniper war without the divider.
Oh yeah, killer bot map.
Another sniper map. This one is very good. Best one yet, I think.
I seriously don't know!!!
Deathmatch. Speaks for itself.
This map is totalwar! Bots are really good. They capture, snipe, everything!
4 team free for all! Fun like a rocket powered monkey from cambodia.
This is one of the best player made maps I have seen in a while. The snipers will totally rule this map because thats just the way the map was made. The bots capture the flags, if they can get to them. I played this for hours after I finished waypointing it! GET IT NOW!
No flags in this map, but capture point.... interesting! anyway, the bots kick total ass.
This is a great map, for everyone. Bots do eveything good. have to work on the lift thing though.
Took me a real long time waypoint this one right. Now that it is, you better download it. :)